Thursday, January 22, 2009

Surprise for Sue

20th Jan was Sue's birthday. Sue is one of my colleagues in office. On the day after, me and frens decided to make some surprise for her. But unfortunately somehow she knew our plan. Alas, we just continue with the initial plan. We bought a cake and ate it together. We also sang birthday song for her ;)

The cake

This was tough for Maria :P

Phuuuuu~ ....and the smoke covered my face

Gracefully Sue cut the cake for us

Everyone..except Dejah (and me behind camera of course :P)

To Sue, I love your smile. So, keep smiling k :)


  1. hehe.. kene pakse tiup ok?! ;p

    btw, thanx en_me & sumer yg menjayakn rancangan tersebut..;)


  2. what an awesome friends u guys are. surprise bday celebration rocks! xD

  3. hahaha leks la sue. sekali setahun je buat bende nih :D

  4. en_me:
    yup semoga panjang umurnya

    haha, kalo x paksa, x seronok :P

    wani ezryl:
    kan kan kan? :D

    betul tu cik iqa~