Monday, January 05, 2009

16 Random Things About Me

Tagged by Cik Kmar. So here's the list.

1. I prefer drinking plain water than any other type of drinks

2. I prefer to have elder brother(s) or sister(s) than being a first child (if I have the opportunity to choose) :D but in reality I have 4 younger sisters and a youngest 9-year-old brother

3. People who don't know me will think that I am not an accessible person, but it is the other way round when I am with someone I knew, and I can be quite talkative too
4. I pity my facial cleanser. In average, I only use my facial cleanser 5 times a year

5. I got to know my fiance in 2005, started having a special relationship with him in 2006, and enganged to him in 2008
6. I started to have the dream of becoming a mother since I was in high school because I love kids so much till now @.@ <-- mata bersinar-sinar

7. I started eating veggies since 20s

Pingu kene sumpah jadi terung

8. Being specky since 10 until 14 years old, and I don't really that shortsighted :P

9. I prefer tidying up my house/room/workspace than cooking, but since I have to learn how to cook, then I have to love cooking ;) I started to learn how to cook in 2008 from my housemates and my mom :P

10. I stayed in hostel since 13, and never really stay at home or near home since then
11. I was an mIRC addict since 13. So everytime I went back home, I will be staying up late to fulfill my addiction :P

Sebuah logo yang nostalgia

12. I never really care about my weight until 2008 :D

13. A lot of people can't believe me when I say I am wearing shoes of size 7
14. I am playful most of the time and really really really love making faces

15. My first ambition was to be an astronaut, or involve in IT or to be a doctor. I decided to live my life with the second choice which is what I am today :)

16. I can be short-tempered at times. Hihi

I'm DONE! Phew~


  1. hahaha. mekasey kerana buat tag merapu tu.

    wah3, licinnye muke anda. xpyh pkai pcuci muke ye. bgus2.

  2. hehehe...saya pun suka baby jugak.comel giler!

  3. aisehhh, dah tunang ghupernyerrr.. uhuhu

  4. Cik Kmar:
    licin? ahahah. normal je macam cik kmar jugak ;)

    betul betul betul!

    yup, sudah hihi :D