Saturday, November 15, 2008

Menjawab soalan Cik Dada & Cik Kmar

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Here we go..

1.What are you wearing?
Grey-coloured tee and sport pant

2. What did you do last night?
Sleeping in Mutiara Express bus while waiting to reach Machang

3. Favorite Memory with significant other?
August 18, 2008 - enganged to him :)

4. Last gift received?
A lightblue-coloured shawl from my fiance

5. Describe the last picture you were in?
Zoo Negara with close friends~

6. Last thing you ate?
Home-cooked Gulai Ikan kering for lunch *drool*

7. Last thing you drank?
Plain water, my favourite :)

8. What kind of underwear are you wearing?
Comfortable one of course..

9. What was your best vacation?
Being at home with my family is the best vacation :) Tenang, aman, damai~

10. What are you most looking forward to in the next vacation?
Being with my husband and family.

11. What is happening around you?
Nothing specific

12. What is your shoe size?
Most of the time 7, sometimes 6 or 8.

13. Last event you dressed up for?
Going to the office. Wearing 2-tone shawl (grey-yellow), a black-coloured top made in India, and a jeans.

14. What is the most cheap thing you bought?
Can't remember, maybe because it wasn't that cheap?

15. What is the most expensive thing you have on right now?
Bus ticket from Hentian Kajang to Machang, cost me RM44 T_T

16. What is your favorite smell?
Normal scent of Encik Gajah :P (korang jangan muntah kat sini k! :P)

17. Is there something you really want to buy right now?
More tops, jeans, shawls, shoes, bags....ohhh i am a true woman :P

18. What are your nicknames?
Most of my friends call me Nad, some of them call me Nadiah. My family call me Yo, my siblings call me Kakak. Very little call me Nurul (colleagues, several teachers, parents, parents-in-law-to-be). And only one person call me Sayang.

19. What are your plans for today?
Spend quality time with my family.

20. Describe your friendster picture.
Hangout with friends at Zoo Negara~

21. Describe your myspace picture.
I've deleted my myspace account.

22. Describe your facebook picture.
Facebook? Maybe in the future.

23. What did you do last weekend?
Shopping with Encik Gajah.

24. Favorite brand of clothes?
No specific brand as long as it looks good on me :)


  1. Sayang.. hehe.. Suka ke bau encik gajah? Nape aritu kat zoo x bgth suka bau tu? Heheh.. Jgn marah naaa...

  2. aik,kenapa panggil yo ek? Rasa macam TER rock pulak.Yo Yo ! heheh

    err...pasal bau tu,rasanya semua gurl yg ada pasangan macam tu gak kot.huuhu

  3. emi:
    Hehehe. Ye yang~ tak bitau u sebab i duk ralit main mata ngn Cik Gajah yang banyak kene inject tu :P

    Yo sebab nama dari kecik - diambil dari perkataan Nurul. Pendek jadi Rul je. Lama2 jadi Yo :)

    Heheh. Maksudnya tak pelik lah ek. Selamat~ :P

  4. so far jawapan soalan no 8 oleh korg 3 org masih x memuaskan hati..


  5. yo!!

    hehe..nasib baik xde perfume scent elephant nye..
    kalo ade, sure nad pulun..upss!!

  6. ihsan:
    sila suruh org len jawab soklan tuh

    hi en_me itteewwww~

    yo! yo! whats up dude!
    hehe tu lah, tapi kalo leh xmo kasi org beli.. :P