Friday, October 10, 2008

My Favourite Anime Series - Part 1

This time I shall talk about my favourite anime series. But before that, I want to give some credits to Shikin (my first roomate in UTP) and Kak Nik (my batch-mate in UTP), who influenced me to watch my first anime, Naruto. Credits also goes to Encik Gajah who taught and shared knowledge about anime with me - we are anime-lovers until now :)

1. Naruto

As I mentioned before, this was the first anime I watched. It was during my first semester in UTP. When weekend comes, me and my friends don't know what to do and Kak Nik suggested me to watch this anime. I think Naruto series has just started at that time with 20+ episodes. At first, I ignored her suggestion but later when I tried to watch the first episode, I fell in love with it and watched it until the latest episode at that time. I followed the anime until the end (200+ episodes), and now I am still following the ongoing series of Naruto Shippuuden (teenager version of Naruto). Now they are airing the 79th episode of Naruto Shippuuden. For more info, please click here.

Why I love it:
It tells us about loneliness, friendship, and Naruto's strive to become recognized by people around him that makes me feel so touched. Apart from that, Naruto's hyperactiveness as well as his clumsiness never failed to make me laugh. The same goes to the other characters which most of them are hillarious! I also love how they fight - using kunai, ninjutsu, etc etc (not using modern weapons).

2. Bleach

As far as I can remember, this was the second anime I watched. I can't really recall who was the one influenced me to watch it but I think it was Encik Gajah. This anime is an ongoing anime series and up to this moment, it has 189 episodes. For more info, please click here.

Why I love it:
I think it is similar to Naruto when I say it is about loneliness, friendship, and ability to make viewers laugh. I love how persistent Ichigo is to protect his friends and family from danger. I love his power and the way he fights. Not to mention how cute Rukia's drawings when she wants to elaborate about something ;) The opening and ending song is always interesting especially the lyrics, really touching!

3. School Rumble

I think this is the most hillarious anime I have watched. It is about Tenma who have crush on Karasuma while she herself was being admired by Kenji. This love triangle + friends at school = School Rumble. School Rumble have 2 series which are School Rumble 1 and 2. Thanks Encik Gajah for introducing me this anime :) For more info, please click here.

Why I love it:
Tenma's character + Kenji's character + out-of-imagination scenes = hillarious!! Recommended to watch to cheer up your day :)

4. Ichigo Mashimaro

It has only 12 episodes with the theme of "cute girls do cute things in cute ways". Encik Gajah suggested me to watch it because I said I want to watch anime series that are cute :D For more info, please click here.

Why I love it:
CUTE characters and personality. I really adore them! This is the funniest anime I have watched after School Rumble.

5. Nana

The theme is love and friendship. I heard this anime from many people since study years but I didn't watch it until this year. I felt like watching it because I by chance watched it from Maria's laptop when Dejah watch it. At that time the scene when Komatsu Nana and Osaki Nana first time met in a train and I think Komatsu Nana is clumsy, cute, and funny whereas Osaki Nana is looking so cool. That's when I decided to watch it. For more info, please click here.

Why I love it:
I can relate Komatsu Nana's life with mine, keep falling in and out of love until she finds her true love. She is also someone who loves attention, dependant on people around her, and very fragile. Once I watched the first episode, I can't wait to watch the next episode and the next and next. Really addicted to it! I would say that this is the most touching anime that I have watched. I cried so much watching this anime. At one time, I was so brokenhearted watching a scene which Shoji dumped Komatsu Nana for another girl, I cried at the office when I told Emi about the scene. Not recommended to watch when you are down. Haha. The OSTs are also nice! I love all of them :)

Stay tuned for the next part! :)


  1. sume aku xlayan. aku lyn db je, sentimentel zmn mude2

  2. hehe..nanti 16 oct nih..ada hardcore pengumpul drama n anime dari UTP akan join PMO.
    leh la dapat sumber bes2~~


  3. dulu slalu lyn anime tp skrg dah tak..sebab, xde masa...
    nak balik zmn dulu...
    slalu enjoy..

  4. owh. naruto syok mula2 rasa mcm tah apa2 tah. tapi besh lah pulak haha X)

    act mls nak tgok online. kalau movie tu dah ada depan mata baru tgok. haha

  5. eclipse: download jer anime2 dari :)