Sunday, July 27, 2008

An Unexpectedly Happy Saturday :)

Initially I planned to stay at home and watch movies or anime, or play computer games, or surf on the net. But it turned out to be an "active" kind-of Saturday. Everything seems to be unexpected yesterday. Its not bad nor good. Maybe it is something in the middle :D

It started with Dada, my classmate since Form 3 in MRSM-YT Besut, and also a schoolmate in MRSMPC came from Melaka to visit me that afternon. We went out for lunch at D'Limau Nipis at Seksyen 8. After contacting friends, we were able to contact another schoolmate, Iem, who is currently working at Putrajaya. We went to Alamanda to see Iem.

Cik Dada

Cik Enie

Unfortunately Iem can't show up because she was attending a course in her office which should end at 3pm but it was extended to an unknown time. Poor Iem. Then, another unexpected thing happen again; Enie, Dada's classmate in MRSMPC, and also one of my GFs at the same school, showed up at Alamanda. It was unexpected since I thought she is undergoing an army training in Johor at the moment. Hehe, lucky me because I have been missing my GFs so much ;)

So, we talk talk and talk, walk walk and walk in Alamanda and I ended up buying a clothes for my newly-born cousin, Jannah, and a curtain for my room. Haha. Well, that was unexpected since I planned not to buy anything :D I also learnt how to use debit card, and yesterday was my first time. Hehe. It is easy! Thanks to Enie for the info :)

Then we took pictures of ourselves, talk and talk again, and went back home with a smiling face :)

The End.

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