Thursday, February 07, 2008


Last Monday nite, February 4th, me and my colleagues had dinner at Marche which is located at The Curve. We departed from our office around 6pm. The dinner was treated by our team leader, Myo. He wanted to celebrate him getting Pat On The Back Award in our project. Congrats, Myo! You really deserve it. At the dinner, Myo brought his wife, and Leo (system analyst) brought his wife and his lovely 2-year-old son.

I was so happy that night because firstly, I got to know my team members better. During the dinner, we chatted and laughed a lot. Secondly, I had chance to play with Leo's only son, Nil. He is so cute with his hazel eyes which he got from his mother, Sonia. He is so adorable, he continued my line when I sang "Ba Ba Black sheep, have you any wool?", he said "Yes, sir. Yes, sir." We all laughed when we heard him sang because according to her parents, that was the first time they heard him saying that. He also kissed me 3 times at my cheek! Michelle said I am already Leo's daughter-in-law because 3 kisses means I LOVE YOU! ;) And of course, I am so happy that I don't have to pay for the dinner, hehe. I ate a lot that night until I felt like there were no more room left in my stomach! :P

I reached home around 11:30pm. Thanks everyone, you made my day. Thanks Myo for the treat. Terima kasih daun keladi, lain kali boleh belanja lagi! :D

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