Saturday, February 02, 2008

Company Dinner

Last night was the first company dinner in my life. It was held at Renaissance Hotel in KL. Although our performance was quite tunggang terbalik but it was fun. I can see that everyone else is having fun too. Other unit's performance was interesting, there were breakdance, boria, hindustan dances, singing, acting. I salute them for the creativity and how sporting they are on stage.

Some people said my clothes are cute. And for the dinner, I applied some simple make up on my face, my friends said it was cute too, hehe. I did it on my own. I never applied make up before and I guess that was a good start! :D

I bought an arm rest for gift-exchange. I am not sure who got my present but I got a red+yellow coloured vase from an Indian. He put a card together with the present that's why I know who is the mistery man :P

I reached home nearly 2 am last night, so tired, and slept soundly after that :P

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  1. pada pendapat saya:
    dinner last nite tak best. enuff said. :o (smiley menguap, bukan terkejot)