Friday, June 05, 2009

Ummi's Not Feeling Well

Since my last post, Ummi hasn't been feeling well. She has fever with virus infection, gastric, and insufficient blood.

She can't get up and do the house chores. When she eats, she would throw up. She has no energy to even change her own clothes or take a bath.

She's pale most of the time, and her body temperature is sometimes very high and sometimes normal.

She's 45 and she never been like this before. She is a person who really takes care of her own health. She never drinks cold drinks and she never eats fast foods. Her favourite drink is plain water.

I know I never been a really helpful child since I grew up. If she wants something or something to be done, she rarely calls my name first. Whether I am around or not, it never makes any difference.

When she's like this, I am so worried. I was the one who stays by her side all the time. I make sure she takes the medicine on time, make sure she eats before/after taking the medicine, do the house chores, clean her, change her clothes, takes her to the bathroom, put Koolfever on her forehead, checks her body temperature and asks her if she wants anything every now and then, give her massages most of the time...

I admit that it is very heartwrenching to see her in such a condition. But deep in my heart I feel so grateful that Allah still gives me chance to do good deeds to my own mother. Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah.

On Wednesday I accompanied her to the government clinic. She was the one who made the decision to be treated there. From the blood test, she was diagnosed having insufficient blood, fever with virus infection, and gastric.

She was only been given 3 types of medicine which was Paracetamol for her fever, Penicilin for antibiotic, and Magnesium Tricilicate for gastric.

Her condition wasn't improved since. So yesterday (Thursday) at 10 pm, she considered my suggestion about going to the hospital because her body was so weak then.

I packed her stuffs to prepare her if she is being warded later. Me and Kak Chik also packed our stuffs because I already made a schedule on who's going to take care of her in the ward. Me & Kak Chik's turn will be first and Kak Ngah & Hatim's will be the next day.

Luckily after getting treatment and a shot at the hospital, her condition was a lot better. She didn't have to spend her night in the ward.

Now she's sleeping soundly before my eyes as I blog, although last night was a sleepless night for Ummi. Alhamdulillah.

It's already 2 am now. I need to sleep. We need to go to the hospital again today to do blood test.

I am praying hard for Ummi's fast recovery since Sunday I'll be going back to Kajang and I don't want to leave her in this condition. Friends please pray with me, k! Thanks in advance :)


  1. smga cpt sembuh buat umi kamoo

  2. jangan risau kak nad..she'll be fine...AMINN.....

  3. nad nid nud...semoga umi sembuh segera.dan kamu juga.hopefully boleh ketemu kamu sebelum diijab kabul.

  4. kak nad i wish she have a speedy recovery

    hugs and kissess

  5. smoga umi kak nad cepat sembuh...
    xoxo~~ ^_^

  6. wah.. hosp mane tuh? bagus gle

  7. jagn riso ekk...
    tumpang riso bila akak riso...
    moga cepat sembuh... ameen..

  8. Semoga Allah menyembuhkan penyakit Umi...

  9. hrp2 ummi kak nad sihat2 je . amin :)

    *kim slm kt ummi kak nad ea ^.^

  10. kak nad,
    kalo nad tgk simptom..
    mcm kena kat kwn mak nad..
    doc suspect chigukunya..
    tp spatutnya dpt injection..
    tp tktau la if mak kak nad lain case..

    get well soon ummi kak nad..