Thursday, February 26, 2009

Salah Satu Saat Indah Di Dalam Hidupku Telah Dibukukan


Sesuatu yang kutunggu-tunggu telah tiba!

Extremely urgent


It's a hardcover photobook!

..of our engagement day :)

Inside the photobook

Back of photobook

I am soooo happy!! :D

The quality is satisfying - worth it for me to pay RM208 for this :D

Mine is small landscape imagewrap hardcover, with Premium Smooth 170gsm paper inside, all 64 pages ;)

Sounds good?

You can have your own photobook too by visiting Photobook Malaysia website and download a software called MyPhotobooks Editor. By using the software, you can design your own photobook! You can choose from different sizes and types of photobooks available with affordable price :)

The software is so user-friendly and easy to use. After designing your photobook, you can upload it to submit using the software. Just follow the instructions given afterwards to proceed with the purchase.

In terms of payment, if you don't have credit cards, don't worry. You can make payment to the Maybank account provided in the website after uploading the photobook. And you don't have to pay the shipping fee :)

What are you waiting for? Design your own photobook now :) Don't miss the promotion that will end on 28th February (order one photobook and you will get a duplicate copy for free! - only applicable to certain items). Please visit the website for more info.

And don't forget to enter my referral code during your purchase: GF9Y46W4 to enjoy 10% discount! :)

All the best :D


  1. seriously cool gila! ley amek gamba2 dari zaman tok kadok, edit sendiri and susun sendiri. waaa suka2!!! :)

  2. oh-canteknya.jap x paham.akk edit sendiri dan dia hantarkan kat akk ke

  3. ohhh bestnya nad!!!
    hari tu i tgk kak imi jugak..hehehe bila la turn i nie??

  4. wah, nampak cool lah! boleh difikirkan nanti...heheheh

    p/s: kita susun, dia print n hantar kat kita ea?

  5. chicz:
    yup memang cool! :D

    [ nadia ]:
    yup betul apa yg nadia ckp tu

    tak lama lagi lah tu, Lala :)

    yup nadia, kita susun and upload kat dia, and dia print n hantar kat kita :)

  6. looks nice... can i have a look? :P

  7. weixuan:
    marilah datang ke ofis lama kamu :)

  8. j~e~l~e~s! mesti maw buat jugak! ahaha.. gambar konvo, gmbar kawen, gambar travel, semua lah! boleh bisnes la photobook sb cik nad dh free2 advertise kat blog dia! kne charge commission ni ye tak? haha

  9. hi nad..kita ada purchase Photobook ni diskaun 10% tu cemane?cer cite...