Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Long Weekend

Saturday, 25th October

I woke up at 8:30 in the morning, rushed to Putrajaya to pick up the ordered cupcakes from Noli, and arrived at Auntie Nora's house at 10:15. A lot of people came to the open house. When I mean a lot, it really means a lot. Below are the comparisons made between last year's open house over this year's.

Meehoon - 1 kali masak vs 3 kali masak
Drinks (bandung+soda) - 2 ke 3 tong vs 6 tong
Chicken for rendang - 4/5 ekor vs 8 ekor
Laksa - 7/8 packets vs 11 packets

Makanan cukup-cukup untuk semua guests makan. Tak kurang tak lebih.

Other dishes served are kuih seri muka, roti jala, apam Malaysia, and kuih raya.

I reached home at 11 pm, did not managed to snap even a pic but I really enjoy the day :)

Cupcakes ordered from Noli :)

Sunday, 26th October

12 noon
# Went to fetch Encik Gajah at his house, convoyed with his family car to his auntie's open house at Kampung Pandan.
# Ate 2 plates of Nasi Minyak there whereas Encik Gajah had 2 plates of Nasi Dagang.

1:30 pm
# Went with Encik Gajah to Enol's open house in Cheras Indah.
# Ate 2 orange slices. Encik Gajah had 2 plates of heavy meal (can't remember what he ate).

2:45 pm
# Arrived at Enchik A's open house in Balakong.
# Had a small quantity of spaghetti, 4 slices of watermelon, and a slice of Kek Hati Pari.
# Encik Gajah had a small bowl of spaghetti, 2 slices of watermelon, (apa lagi dia makan? tak perasan pulak sebab pergi sembahyang zohor jap masa tu).

4:30 pm
# Arrived at Bandar Sri Putra, Bangi for Kak Fatin's open house.
# Ate 3 cucuk Satay and a slice of layered cake whilst Encik Gajah had a several cucuk Satay je kot. Ke ade lagi?

5 pm
# Went back to our houses.
# Initially, we planned to go to The Mines but both of us were so tired after going to 4 open houses, so we cancelled it and just rest at home for the night.

Conclusion: Encik Gajah makan banyak giler ok! Ada je ruang dalam perut dia tu untuk makanan masuk. Ish ish ish. I am amazed! P/S: Jangan marah saye Encik Gajah! :P

Monday, 27th October

In the morning, I went out with Encik Gajah to The Mines. Bought a USB cable for RM15 and a vacuum cleaner which costs RM169 from Best Denki :D

My new vacuum cleaner ;)

Best Denki

I spent the evening with Che Long (my auntie) and family. Teman her to Nilai Square to buy some shawls for her new baju kurung. Terpaksa tahan nafsu membeli belah kerana duit gaji belum masuk lagi sampai sekarang :(


  1. sbenarnyer rasa sedey gk tak pegi umah enol =c tapi kt umah en A pun da ptg sgt da..haih. takut thn dpan da x bekesempatan open2 haus ngn korang =c

  2. wow siap buat comparison thn ni dgn thn lps.. thn dpn camne plak? hehe

    thx jmpt sy.. klu tak mmg tak smp :P

  3. jamie: nape? nnt duk jauh eh jamie? sob sob

    lady k: thn dpn blom tau lagi :P same2, memang nk jumpa sgt kak kemi :) thanks gak datang!